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The RESP Alternative for Your Child

Gain Ownership Over How You Save for Your Child’s Future

Set Your Child Up For Success

Use at universities and vocational programs around the globe, not only educational institutions listed on the RESP Designated Educational Institution list.

Protection for Life

Gain peace of mind knowing that your child will receive permanent life insurance that grows in value throughout their life.

Helping Prepare Your Child For The Future

A Complement to the RESP Program
That’s Perfect for Your Child’s:


Guaranteed cash value that grows tax-free from the day you open it.

A Dividend Scale Strategy that doubles as an education fund.

Annual tax-free dividends for life.

Can be given to your child, tax-free, any time after they turn 18.

Includes permanent life insurance that grows in value


Help your child achieve their dreams—no matter what they are.

Home Purchase

Use the money for a downpayment on your child’s first home!

Financial Security

Give your child a head start towards a debt-free life.


Set them up for retirement so they can live a comfortable life.

What Is The Health Assure Child Power Plan?
Who Is This Plan Right For?

The Health Assure Child Power Plan has been designed as a way for parents to be able to help set up their children for financial, professional, and educational success so they can have the best future possible
If you are looking for an alternative to an RESP that is NOT government-controlled, the Child Power Plan might be the right fit for you.

Take ownership over how you save for your children’s future in a way that will make a long-term, lasting impact.

How Long Has This Plan Been Around?
This trusted plan has helped Canadian parents save for their children’s education and future since 1936.
How long do you need to fund the plan?
The Health Assure Child Power Plan is fully funded after 20 years. No further deposits will be required.
What universities or programs can this money be used for?
Cash values can be used for any university or vocational program around the world, not only those on the RESP Designated Educational Institution list.
When can you open this plan for your child?
You can open The Health Assure Child Power Plan for your child as early as 15 days after birth.
Who is eligible to open this plan for a child?
Can be opened by parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or legal guardians.

Look How Much You Can Save For Your Child

Child Power Plan

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